The Many Ways to Use Instagram

Users are signing up and creating accounts on Instagram for many different reasons. The simplicity of the application invites users of many different motivations and purposes. It is a great way to connect, share, and even brag from time to time. Whether you have never used the photo sharing application or have been on it for years, there are likely other platform uses to discover. Now is the best time to explore the different possibilities of Instagram.

Share with Family and Friends

In its earliest days, Instagram was a platform for sharing photographs with family and friends. Like other social media outlets, it became something much more as time progressed. However, the original use of the app is still the most common. There are thousands of profiles that are kept private and only accessible by the acquaintances that are accepted as followers by the user.

A profile that is hidden from the public allows the user to share personal details, such as a pregnancy announcement or a job promotion. It is a great outlet for congratulating others and sending birthday wishes. For many young professionals and business people alike, a private account is also about keeping their job and social life separate. People can share what they want, even in terms of political views or weekend antics, without suffering any repercussions in the workplace.

Become Instagram Famous

If you are ready to expand your Instagram following beyond university flatmates, friends, and family members, it is time to consider creating a public account. With a public account you can share your genius and creativity with the world, just by the click of a few buttons. What you need first is a distinct purpose for the public account. The users who become Instagram famous are generally those who tap into a niche and stay focused on a specific topic.

Many people promote a certain type of lifestyle, for instance, and these lifestyles can include long-term travel or health and fitness. The focus on a specific topic allows these individuals to build instant connections with other users who share the same interests, and these tend to be lifestyles that others want to emulate and achieve. To start off, many Instagram standouts will buy real Instagram followers who can help their account and vision take off.


Make Some Money

While many users are satisfied with the celebrity that can come with a well-known Instagram account, others are just looking to make some extra money. These days, this is not an unreasonable goal in the world of social media. Many everyday, normal people have launched their careers in yoga, fitness, hair styling, or travel blogging just by using Instagram.

At first most users see a financial return through sponsorships and partnerships on the app. This can be an agreement that entails promoting a product or business on your account, and the sponsor in turn provides free samples or other incentives. These partnerships can have great results for both parties, as the brand in question accesses additional marketing and your account is exposed to a wider market. Eventually, these relationships can lead to financial opportunities beyond Instagram, and individuals have even built entire companies off their Instagram presence. This makes the application a business tool that cannot be ignored by companies, entrepreneurs, or digital nomads.