The Intricate Process of International Trade and Customs Clearance

The import and export industry ensures that goods can be traded and transported between countries with as little stress as possible.  It has helped to build the global economy to what it is today by allowing one country with natural resources, like coffee or fruit, with other countries which may have a better industrial sector (building things like cars or electronics).  Without the import/export industry, companies can develop businesses in one country and sell their goods to another one.

What Types Of Goods Are Traded?

Global trade can mean just about anything. If you make a good and manage to sell it overseas (or, in the case of North America, to the North or South of the United States) then you are participating in global trade.  Just about every industry is involved with global trade in some way. Here are just a few:

  • auto
  • food
  • garden
  • health
  • lumber
  • machinery
  • textile

But global trade is also rife with various complicated laws and taxes that can get someone into hot water if they are not abreast of the regulations.  This is why customs brokers are necessary.

What Do Customs Brokers Do?

Customs brokers ensure urgent and important trade matters are handled efficiently and with discretion. customs brokerage canada professionals have a deep understanding of the complex tariff and customs laws, and rules and regulations involved with the clearance of imported and/or exported goods/merchandise from the customs authority. They also prepare import and export documents which can include the computing and payment of such duties, taxes, and other charges involved with the process.

Most importantly, though, a customs broker deals directly with customs agents.  Companies focused on moving forward with their business often hire customs brokers to handle their international trade processes. They can also often act as a translator and communicator between you and the appropriate agencies and government officials throughout the entirety of the shipping process. Indeed, they alleviate the stress involved with the complex regulations involved with international trade, making sure that all procedures are followed to the letter.