Pros And Cons Of Living And Working In Kuala Lumpur

Every year thousands of expats are attracted to the bright lights of the Malaysian capital. Just like anywhere else in the world, there are several pros and a few cons to consider before accepting a job offer and boarding a flight to KL.

This guide will help you to weigh up both the positives and the negatives of living in this city. This guide could play a major factor in deciding whether you move here or remain in your current destination. Read on in order to find out more.


Healthy Job Market

Job vacancies in KL are aplenty. This means that you will not struggle to find work, whatever your field of expertise or profession is. The trick is remaining actively looking for jobs even if you are already in employment because new opportunities present themselves all the time and the job market can be incredibly competitive.

Excellent Salaries

Kuala Lumpur offers one of the best working environments in the world. Positions such as business consultancy, engineering and information technology command high salaries which excellent bonus packages and healthcare options included. These salaries allow you to experience one of the highest standards of living anywhere in the world, let alone Asia.

Excellent Standard Of Healthcare

Malaysia boasts an excellent standard of healthcare which allows people to receive a Western standard of treatment without having to go to Europe in order to receive care. This covers everything from basic checkups at the clinic to full-blown heart surgery at the hospital. Having such excellent health care gives people the peace and mind which they need to go about their daily lives.


Diverse Array Of Cultures

Kuala Lumpur is a patchwork of different cultures. Aside from the Malay culture, there are strong Indian and Chinese influences here. This manifests itself in the food, architecture and religions which are present in the city. The Western influence is strong here thanks to the thousands of expats who have settled here.

This patchwork of different cultures creates an incredibly tolerant society which is accepting of people from all different backgrounds and all different walks of life. This makes Kuala Lumpur an incredibly friendly place in which to live.

Excellent  Food

Due to the array of different cultures which inhabit Kuala Lumpur, the city is home to all types of cuisine from around the globe. Malaysian food is rich in flavour, with fish being a particularly common main dish. Indian food such as curry and naan bread is plentiful here, as are traditional Chinese foods such as dumplings.


High Cost Of Living

Malaysia has one of the highest costs of living in the world. It is important to research your budget before deciding whether to make the move to Kuala Lumpur: the temptation to spend more than they earn can lead some people into a bad financial situation.

Heavy Amounts Of Traffic

Kuala Lumpur is an ever-expanding city, which means that it experiences a heavy amount of traffic on a daily basis. This means that using taxis or cars should be avoided wherever possible – use the monorail system instead.

Hopefully, this guide has highlighted the pros and cons of Kuala Lumpur successfully.