Imparting Knowledge of Take 5 in the Workplace

Risk assessment and occupational health and safety activities and processes are essential in the modern workplace, with the Take 5 process one of the most effective risk assessment processes that have been implemented in workplaces across the country in recent years.

This simple, yet highly effective, risk assessment process has proven very straightforward to implement in most workplaces, however, there are many ways in which implementation can be enhanced, including the distribution of booklets outlining the process to the company’s employees.

What is Take 5?

A five-step safety program that has improved risk assessment and occupational health and safety in numerous workplaces across the country, and indeed the world, Take 5 provides employees in all workplaces of all kinds with an easy-to-use risk assessment process, of which knowledge of can be effectively communicated by distribution of Take 5 booklets. The process is as follows:

  1. Stop, Look, and Listen
  2. Review the Task
  3. Identify the Risks
  4. Manage the Risks
  5. Commence the Task

By training employees to follow this five-step process, employers can effectively increase workplace health and safety in the workplace, which in turn has a great number of rewards and benefits, including:

  1. Reducing accidents in the workplace
  2. Reducing employee absenteeism
  3. Reducing workers’ compensation claims
  4. Reducing insurance claims
  5. Improving employee morale

These are five of the many excellent benefits that have helped to make Take 5 one of the most renowned risk assessment and workplace health and safety processes implemented in the modern workplace.

Take 5 in the Workplace

Imparting Knowledge Through Educational Materials

Educational materials are essential tools if employers are to effectively impart knowledge of the Take 5 process to their employees and take advantage of the many benefits of having a workforce that has a good understanding of it.

As mentioned above, distributing booklets to employees is an excellent way to impart knowledge of the process and employers have many options to consider with regard to having booklets printed.

Many printers that specialise in the production of safety booklets and signs offer their clients a variety of templates, with many also enabling their clients to customise the booklets that they have printed to suit their specific workplace and workforce.

Having a customised booklet printed offers a great array of benefits to businesses of all sizes, including the following:

  1. The booklet is specifically designed to take into account a specific workplace
  2. The booklet is specifically designed for the tasks undertaken by a specific workforce
  3. Management can address specific areas of concern in the booklets they have printed
  4. The booklet will serve as an effective means of breaking down the process into understandable terms
  5. The booklet can be used to further knowledge of other workplace health and safety and risk assessment process used in that particular workplace

Booklets and other educational materials, including signage, are often surprisingly cost-effective to have produced, even when customised for a specific workplace and workforce and are, therefore, an excellent investment for all companies, regardless of size or sector.